The Strength of Faith in Youths

Stepping into a local public middle-high school, the Logos Hope team was welcomed with smiles and waves from eager students, excited about a group of visitors coming from various foreign lands. The team was joining the school’s Christian fellowship that afternoon, to connect and have a time of worship and sharing with them.  

The Christian fellowship is made of students from ages 13 to 18; some are Chinese but a lot of them are Aborigines (natives from Kuching). Right from the beginning of worship time, the team was deeply encouraged by the passion that these young students had for God. It was evident that they were singing straight from the heart, oblivious to what others think and firmly testifying to what they believe in. Ruben Muñoz (Mexico) who was touched by what he saw said, “It’s not easy for people as young as their age to stand so strong in their faith. It is much easier to follow your friends and just have fun. I came here thinking to encourage them, but I have been encouraged myself as well.”

At the end of the session, Juergen and Dawn Kleinloh (Germany), who are Chaplains onboard Logos Hope, shared a short testimony and invited students to approach them so that they can pray for them.  One girl came up in tears, saying that her friends are not Christians.  Another boy came up and asked Juergen if he could pray for the whole fellowship group as they want to reach closer to God. “They really have a desire to serve God,” said Juergen. 

Region: Asia
Country: Malaysia