Relief and Development

relief2Sometimes, a simple food packet or a new pair of shoes offered in God’s name is worth a thousand sermons on love and compassion. Where some look at the needs and pain in the world with despair or disinterest, OM sees tremendous opportunity and privilege to serve the poor, marginalised and forgotten. We are committed to being in the global forefront of relief and development. This could be disaster response that literally saves lives, the patient but difficult rebuilding of devastated communities or creating dignity in people through skills training and small business ventures.

Relief and development also mobilises Christians globally to express their concern and compassion in practical ways, such as financially supporting projects or volunteering where help is needed. Recipients know it’s Christians who have come to their aid and stay long after the news media are gone. Governments recognise not only the high ethical standards being demonstrated but also love for their people. Thus, partnerships are developed for their nations’ future. All we do in the ministry of relief and development is for God’s glory. Working with OM, you could help a young woman leave a trafficked life, a handicapped child integrate into society or whole villages climb out of grinding poverty. It’s tough work, but the rewards are great. You will be as transformed as those you’re serving, and your first discovery will be how deep the needs of the world are. But your second will be how mighty God is in the midst of them, as His compassion is demonstrated through people like you.

Roll up your sleeves. Get your hands dirty. Prove God’s love.

…faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. James 2:17



Supporting the pioneering work in La Vera, Caceres

La Vera is the name of a district of 19 small villages at the foot of the Sierra de Gredos dividing Cáceres and Ávila. OM works Jaraíz Villanueva and with the vision to see groups of believers serving God formed in villages and together as a Christian community. They have the vision to use as ministries: teaching English, working with children, music, video, using and promoting permaculture farm (type of organic farming).