mentoring2Mentoring includes training and the transfer of skills and knowledge, but it’s so much more. It’s a witness to an open life worthy of imitation—perhaps an older, experienced person ‘holding the ladder’ for a younger colleague. It may be someone with a particular gifting patiently helping others to believe that they can attempt and succeed at something new. In OM, we esteem all backgrounds and cultures because we know that we can learn from each other. Mentoring in OM isn’t merely a trendy word; it’s hands-on, side-by-side, walking in faith to see each other develop and grow as God has gifted us. It’s walk, not talk.




“Come to Spain” 2013

discipleship program 3 months

It’s a good opportunity to learn many things about life and Christian service. Living and working in a team situation in the “chalet Om” in Naron.

Some of the activities include: – Spanish lessons / English; discipleship classes, working in support projects with a local church, working in social work, do the ‘English Way’ in Santiago (120 Km, in 6 steps); be able to participate in the summer campaign.

Dates: May 17-August 17




from 2 weeks to 3 months

The purpose is to help improve and maintain the basis of OM Spain. While you work on practical tasks, coexists with the home team in the OM and can participate in classes and activities program “Come to Spain.” It is a good opportunity to be with young foreigners. It can be added at any time and costs only 50 Euros per week covering accommodation, meals and local transportation. It can be added at any time.






TeenStreet is a conference for teenagers between 13 and 17 held in Germany every year for a week . It’s very modern, well organized, fun and with a lot of content at once. Other people of any age can volunteer or monitors.

In Spain we have started to go with a group since 2006, and the number of participants grows each year. In 2012, our group of 66 had a great time learning and praising God in Germany. The conference carried the same leads over 20 years and believe from experience that for teenagers is a very good to deepen their relationship with God opportunity.

Everything is in English and German (being in Germany), but all translates to about 16 different languages ​​simultaneously. There are about 4000 participants among adolescents and volunteers. Everything is aimed at teenagers, many games, sports, music, but also short messages and testimonies. Every teenager is in a group of 6 (guys and girls separately) with a monitor in front where discussed everything learned in Bible study in the morning and where everyone has one quiet time alone with God 30 min in which can not speak (they call him “Shh … time”).In addition, adolescents have a craft area where they can express themselves the way they want and is exposed during all the congress.