Wasting our time or waiting for His time?

A long-term OM worker reflects on his relationship with a local friend:

“They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.” Isaiah 40:31 ESV

I have known a certain local young man for several years that I have stayed in communication with. Most of our communication has been text messages and only a few face-to-face meetings. He has always been focused on himself and his pre-occupation with women other than his wife, and how he should relate to them. He always would talk about some inappropriate situation that he put himself into and then ask, “What do you think?” I was thinking that I was wasting my time with him, but we still remained friends.

Recently, his life changed. He started having episodes of pain and stiffness. He lost his job and is now in a lawsuit. Everything in his life has crashed. What I thought was a wasted time really was a waiting time. When I visited him last week, his question “What do you think?” was the same, but the subject was much more deep and desperate.

This story is a micro-picture of what we are doing in the Arabian Peninsula region. It often seems that we are just wasting our time dealing with the culture, their faith, traffic delays, indifference and materialism. One day passes and then a week or a year, and we see little change.

Maybe our friends or family ask when we are coming home. Even our church may not understand what we are doing. But our confidence is in the Lord, that as we faithfully love and share, we are waiting for Him to intervene. That is our hope: that not just the individuals we care for but also that the country and the whole Arabian Peninsula field will come to meet Jesus.

Pray with us for the Arabian Peninsula and the OM workers there. 

Region: Middle East
Country: Arabian Peninsula