Standing up for the marginalised

At the young age of 12, Jabulani has more responsibilities than an average adult in South Africa. His mother is HIV+, but she has more than her own health issues to deal with. The first time she had to go into hospice care, the family got kicked out by the community from their home. When a very devoted team of workers from OM with a passion for those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS heard about this, they moved all the family’s belongings to a centre, while Jabulani and his little brother were placed in foster care.

At first, Jabulani struggled because he wasn’t used to being free to be a child free of worries. However, in time, he began to discover the gift of childhood and even enjoyed playing with other children.

After a few months in hospice, his mother recovered, and the family were reunited. They were able to rent another home and were ready to start a new life together. Unfortunately, storms were still to come for Jabulani and his family. When they visited family in Mozambique, they contracted malaria and were all admitted for treatment.

Jabulani shared his heart with the team, “If we suffer like this right now, what will it be like when my mother is gone?”

The team knew the need was much more than medical care, so they got to work. They were able to build onto an already existing home of a co-worker so that Jabulani and his family have a safe place to stay. They are continuing their work with the family to bring hope and to help them reach a place of sustainability and joy, despite the pain around them.

This family suffered great pain physically, emotionally and socially due to the lack of awareness regarding HIV and AIDS. Most of their suffering could have been prevented if people only knew that they had nothing to be afraid of.

Please pray for the OM teams ministering to other children like Jabulani. Also pray for those who are educating people about HIV and AIDS.

Region: Africa
Country: South Africa