Official Opening in Kuching

“A month from now, we will not be saying goodbye to merely friends, but we will be saying goodbye to family,” said Logos Hope Director, Seelan Govender (South Africa), to a round of applause as he wrapped up his speech in the official opening in Kuching.

Around two hundred and fifty guests and media turned up for Logos Hope’s official opening in Kuching, including Guest-of-Honour, Land Development Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing. Other guests included the Indonesian and Brunei Consulate Generals. It was a great encouragement for the Logos Hope crew to see the enthusiasm and support given by the overwhelming number of attendees. Even before the arrival of the vessel, the committee team in Kuching as well as the line-up team has experienced God’s provisions in many amazing ways. The committee team was impressed by how  doors were opening and how everything came together in just four weeks of preparation.

Some of the guests were loyal fans of Logos Hope. “I have visited the ship every time it’s here in Kuching since I was a kid.” said one guest. Others recalled fond memories of their previous visits to the ship where they had a chance to reconnect with crewmembers.

The ship will remain at Sim Kheng Port, Pending, for the full month of April, opened daily to the public. For more information about opening times, visit the event page


Region: Asia
Country: Malaysia