Not just for Christmas

Establishing fellowships in Bangladesh takes time. Initially, the OM Bangladesh team meets people through the development programmes or while going about their normal daily lives. Friendships are made, and opportunities arise to talk about faith and salvation. Many conversations end at that point, but there are others that continue to deepen.

Sometimes, small groups are formed where, together, they look into God’s Word and, after some time, some of the participants are ready to take a public step of faith. Due to culture and the nature of the work, most of these contacts are men, so the next important step is for the men to reach their families with the Good News.

Over the last few years in Rowgram, it has been a joy for the team to see a number of men come to faith from one village, Sunkapur. These men have reached out to their wives, and whilst not all have embraced the Truth of the Good News, some have, and the other wives are not opposed. Up until Christmas, these believers in Jesus had travelled regularly by bus to meet for fellowship in a central, neutral location.  

In December, the believers in the wider area were talking about Christmas and how it ought to be celebrated in the district. The men and women from Sunkapur decided that it was time to meet in their local area, even just for this one occasion. One of the believers opened up his very simple home for the event.

What a joy to see 20 people gather to hear what it means to follow Jesus! Since it went well, the group now plans to meet regularly in their own homes. Believers meeting locally is not just for Christmas.

Region: Asia
Country: Bangladesh