Medical mission to Ghana

Two qualified doctors, one medical student and the field leader of OM Czech Republic were sent as medical missionaries to Ghana, where they combined medical help, evangelism and practical measures to reach people for God. By the time they returned to the Czech Republic, over 2,000 people received medical care that they otherwise could not have accessed, and 500 people had made the decision to commit their lives to Christ.

In the beginning, the team headed to Kumasi, in the Ashanti region of South Ghana, where the OM Ghana offices are located. Following joyful greetings were a briefing on tropical diseases and an exciting journey to North Ghana on the Volta Lake. Despite the lake’s name meaning “The Lake of Return,” there was no turning back for our missionaries while their enthusiasm built with each kilometer and each village they saw.

The first temporary clinic was set up in Lolotto, where they spent a week, followed by a second week in Yagaba, near the Burkina Faso border. Many of the communities and villages they visited were Muslim.

“Each new village brought more excitement, new engagements with new people, and the gaining of trust of the leaders and people of the village,” says Pavel, the leader of the Czech team.

For the medical check-ups, the team would use an existing building in the village or simply set up under a tree. Many people came to listen to teaching about malaria, diarrhea and dental care. But the team didn’t merely minister to the locals’ physical bodies; they also touched their hearts with film screenings and discussions about faith, as well as games for the children, all in the local language.

A story that resonates the fuller impact is that of a young boy who had suffered an injury, which the local shaman exacerbated, resulting in the boy being confined to a wheel chair. The seat of this wheel chair had broken and caused sores on his buttocks that he was too embarrassed to discuss with people. One of the team members had developed a relationship with this young man, and through the trust of this relationship, the sores were revealed and dealt with. The team also purchased a new seat for the wheel chair to prevent this from happening again.

Relationships are not merely unidirectional, however, nor the blessings brought through them.

Daniel, one of the Czech OM team member said, “For me, the most important aspect was working as part of a team. If I had gone by myself, I would not have managed to minister as I did. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be involved in this outreach, as it opened my eyes to not only needs in the Czech Republic, but also globally.”

From these stories and many others that have come from this medical mission trip, it is clear to see that the lives of all involved were greatly touched and impacted by God. If you would like to partner with OM Czech Republic and OM Ghana, there is an opportunity to get involved as we plan to send another team to Ghana in September 2015. The purpose will be extended to also include help with construction programmes in local villages and childcare support. You can get involved through volunteering, praying or supporting this effort financially.

For more details please contact OM Czech Republic. 

Region: Europe
Country: Czech Republic