Logos Hope arrives in Kuching

As Logos Hope sailed round the Sarawak river bend in the island’s capital city, Kuching, excited crewmembers were lined along the deck railings, cheering and waving their national flags, all set to enter into their first port after six months of the Power Up Logos Hope project. Surrounded by lush greenery, Logos Hope will be in Kuching for the whole of April with a lot of opportunities lined up to contribute in areas of knowledge and practical work.

A crowd of locals were already waiting at the berth, blowing loud horns and making a joyful noise at Logos Hope’s arrival. Made up of different ethnic groups (Chinese, Indians and the indigenous), these volunteers were giving Logos Hope a warm welcome. They were playing an array of tribal instruments including horns, cymbals and shakers made from coconut shells which led some crewmembers to dance along on the decks.

The passion and excitement on the quayside mounted as Captain Tom Dyer (USA) made his way down the gangway and greeted the locals. He thanked the crowd for their enthusiasm and was presented with a gift for Logos Hope. Crewmembers started to make their way down too and all joined in singing and dancing with the locals despite the drizzle that had started.

Freada, an indigenous man from Sarawak, had welcomed the ship for each of the previous visits and he was so happy to see Logos Hope again. He brought along his friend, Abon, and it was his first time seeing the ship. “I’m so excited to see the ship and can’t wait to visit it!” he shouted.

Another local supporter, Gwence, a Chinese lady who came with her son said, “I’m very touched to see the ship visiting us again, bringing people from all over the world to our shore and helping us in ways they can.”

Region: Asia
Country: Malaysia