Happenings Onboard in Kuching

Since arriving in Kuching, crewmembers of Logos Hope have been busy with a flurry of activities, both onboard and onshore. Not only have ministry teams been going out to different churches, organizations and public places to connect with locals and share stories from the ship, but also much has been happening onboard as well.

A Ladies Brunch was organized for Christian women in Kuching to encourage them in their walk with God. More than a hundred women came and had a lovely morning enjoying brunch together and sharing about their faith with one another. Minna Schomas (Finland), one of the hosts, prayed with a woman she met at the event. “She was young in her faith and I could see she was burdened,” she recalled. “She asked me to pray for her adult son, Ivan, who is handicapped and whom she was taking care of. I asked God to give me the right words to pray and that was just what she needed, to know that God’s love and strength will be added to her everyday.”

Another event held onboard was a primary school visit. 163 delighted students came and enjoyed a short program put up by crewmembers from different departments as well as Logos Hope mascot, El Capitano. The students were given a chance at trying hand bells, and played a song with the guidance of Logos Hope staffs. It was meant to explain to them that each one of the crewmembers onboard is different, but teamwork allows for amazing outcomes.   

More onboard events will be happening in Kuching in the weeks to come including a Latino café and an International Music Night. There is much to look forward to onboard Logos Hope


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