A new craft

Helping children by helping their mothers – that is the idea behind a new ministry within Project Rescue, which was originally set up by OM Guatemala in 2013 to help impoverished children in the country. The health of the children is the most urgent problem the team is now trying to address by offering a healthy diet and teachings about hygiene. However, it was always the plan to develop the families in a way that they won’t need more help in the future.

One pressing issue is that many of the women are single mothers, trying to maintain their children with very little money or even without any income. Most of them don’t have the necessary education to find a good paying job. Employment options are very limited.

In order to give the women more possibilities to provide for themselves and their families, OM Guatemala invited people to teach them a craft. The first craft they learned was how to make a necklace and earrings out of a few basic materials.

The women enjoyed themselves greatly while practicing their new learned skill and were really excited about how nice and beautiful their necklaces turned out. As it seemed to be great fun to make those necklaces, the children started to participate as well, creating beautiful jewellery.

Now that the women have learned a new craft, the question is how they can use the craft to make money. They have all the knowledge needed to produce and sell the jewellery by themselves, but it is very difficult for a single mother to do all the necessary work alone. Thus, OM Guatemala wants to develop a small business structure in order to give the women the possibility to work with them and help out their own families, as well as the ministry.

With more people willing to teach the women a craft, many great opportunities await, which will help them and the ministries of OM Guatemala.

Please pray for the OM Guatemala team as they seek the Lord’s direction with this new project and also pray that He will direct the right women to this ministry to receive help and training.

Region: Latin America
Country: Guatemala